ATAP Hill Day

Every year in conjunction with ATAP’s Annual Leadership Symposium, the membership has an opportunity to spend a day on Capitol Hill. The day begins with a Hill briefing where ATAP members hear directly from Hill staff who are working on important policy issues of interest to members. Following this event, ATAP members meet with their state delegations to share their message of the importance of State Assistive Technology programs and to inform and educate staff and members about what their program is doing in their districts and states.

ATAP Annual Recognition Award

Beginning in 2015, ATAP initiated what has become an annual award to one Capitol Hill staffer that has worked to help people with disabilities and/or the Assistive Technology Act directly. This award is given each year during ATAP's annual day on Capitol Hill.

ATAP Annual Award 2018

ATAP Annual Award 2017

ATAP Annual Award 2016

ATAP Annual Award 2015